IoT Hub HubCopyright 2017 nextmedia Pty Ltd.Sun, 22 Jan 2017 12:38:05 +100010Australian retail robot set for 2017 launch'Shelfie' uses Azure to streamline stock replenishment., 18 Jan 2017 15:16:00 +1000Is IoT the next ransomware frontier?IoT an easy and potentially lucrative target for hackers, according to industry expert., 18 Jan 2017 12:37:00 +1000Intel continues push into retail techAn IoT-based retail platform, autonomous robot and continued investment announced., 17 Jan 2017 10:19:00 +1000Fujitsu updates retail analytics platformRFID, IoT key to new, real-time capabilities., 16 Jan 2017 10:20:00 +1000Techstars launches Adelaide IoT accelerator programFocus on IoT, big data, sensors and robotics for defence and security sectors., 11 Jan 2017 13:15:00 +1000ZigBee Alliance launches new IoT languageDotdot is designed to enable device connectivity across multiple network protocols., 9 Jan 2017 09:32:00 +1000Thinxtra, UTS team up to boost IoT innovationUniversity of Technology, Sydney, to get free access to Sigfox network., 20 Dec 2016 14:44:00 +1000BMW, IBM to bring cognitive computing to carsWill Watson become your digital copilot in your next vehicle?, 19 Dec 2016 13:41:00 +1000TomTom to boost Azure's location capabilitiesMicrosoft partnerships with other location tech firms also expanded., 19 Dec 2016 11:05:00 +1000Bluetooth 5 spec now availablePromises faster speeds, longer range, larger packets, and less interference with other wireless protocols., 19 Dec 2016 10:11:00 +1000