A digital reference framework designed to simplify communication about digital systems in the Australian water sector was launched this week.

The document was developed by Internet of Things (IoT) industry body, IoT Alliance Australia (IoTAA) and the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA).

It aims to simplify communication about digital systems within businesses and between supply and demand-side entities in the water sector. It includes customer journey maps and a “digital decoder”.

The framework builds on the IoTAA-developed IoT Reference Architecture, which provides a “common language to facilitate discussions amongst the IoT community”. It includes “factual, vendor-neutral information on end-to- end IoT building blocks” to help organisations “clearly and simply document and articulate their IoT solution requirements.”

The IoTAA and WSAA launched the framework via a live-streamed event on March 29. The event included a 45-minute panel discussion about opportunities for digitalisation within the water sector. Participants included Sydney Water, IoTAA, Veolia, WaterGroup and Hunter Water. 

SA Water, Sydney Water and others continue to advance the use of IoT for the management of water. Sydney Water has deployed thousands of IoT sensors, exploring their application for fault detection and other purposes. Parkes Shire Council in New South Wales has deployed IoT as part of a $20.9 million water recycling scheme.

In Victoria, GWMWater connected more than 30,000 premises with remote water metering systems.