Blue IoT

FMA 2019 FM Industry Award for Industry Innovation award winner Blue IoT are the global leader in data and information driven IoT building, energy and environmental management automation systems. We deliver end to end integrated data and technology driven services around real time optimisation, predictive maintenance and machine learning that maximises our clients’ operational effectiveness and efficiencies across all building, precinct, asset, facility, infrastructure and smart city sectors. This multidimensional platform not only delivers smart building automation and energy management, but also predictive maintenance FDD, health, wellness and safety including COVID-19 services. The system is called Encompass Blue as we encompass both people and buildings.

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Robert Sharon

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer


IoT global thought leader, Bob Sharon is a passionate visionary and Disruptor with over 30 years of commercial experience in the I.T., cyber security, data centre, sustainability, built environment and the IoT spaces.  He is committed to innovation in the delivery of smart buildings, cities and infrastructure, leveraging new procurement and financial models, technologies, the cloud and the IoT. 




Blue IoT - Corporate Services Overview

Encompass Blue Delivers World Leading, Smart, Efficient, Healthy, safe, Productive, Comfortable and Secure Buildings, Facilities, Spaces and Assets. Reduce Energy and Carbon footprint by up to 65
Case Study

Case Study - City of Greater Dandenong

Blue IoT has been nominated as a trusted service provider in the building and energy management space for the City of Greater Dandenong for the first deployment of Encompass Blue in December 2018.

Covid 19 Services

Virus, Bacteria & Covid-19 Services