Outcomex is an Australian systems integrator specialised in designing and deploying tailored end-to-end IoT solutions which include sensors, network and connectivity, data storage, and analytics platform. Outcomex was awarded Cisco’s ‘ANZ Innovation Partner of the Year’ in 2018 and 2020 for their contribution to IoT.

Ask the team

Marco Delgado



Marco pioneers IoT innovation as the CEO and founder of Outcomex. Marco’s hands-on background as a senior technical architect across IoT enterprise engagements speaks to his advanced IPC technology expertise.

Luca Palermo

IoT Tech Lead


Luca has driven continuous improvement to Outcomex’s IoT portfolio for over 5 years. Leveraging software and network engineering experience, he translates business requirements into technical requirements to enable IoT adoption.

Shervin Fathinia

Account Executive


Shervin builds thriving client relationships as an account executive for Outcomex. With a record of successful business development, Shervin leverages his history as a senior network engineer and solution architect




Bringing Simplicity to IoT Security with Outcomex and Cisco Cyber Vision

Care about keeping your IoT network and devices secure? Learn how Cisco Cyber Vision installed by Outcomex can provide your business with a precise view of your asset inventory, allow network segmentation, and detect threats before it’s too late.

Discover all the IoT features offered by Outcomex to the hospitality and food service industry

FoodDeck is an end-to-end IoT solution developed by Outcomex specifically for the hospitality and food services industry. Our solution aims to assist businesses with industry compliance standards and food safety regulations as well as day-to-day management.

Discover all the Smart City features offered by Outcomex

Smart CityDeck is an end-to-end IoT solution developed by Outcomexspecifically for Australian councils and cities. It offers a wide range of features, including water quality monitoring, blue algae detection, traffic monitoring and pedestrian counting, smart parking, smart lighting, waste management, etc.