Tech giant Acer has created a team dedicated to developing its IoT offerings, particularly in the smartphone and wearable spaces.

The team, dubbed ‘BYOC (Build-Your-Own-Cloud) and Smart Products Business’, forms part of the new business division.

It will focus on the integration of cloud services and platforms and the development of devices with value-added IoT applications.

This new team is co-headed by company presidents Maverick Shih and ST Liew.

It is joined by the ‘eBusiness’ and ‘value lab’ business units, with the latter established for the “vertical and horizontal integration of technology for new businesses”.

The company has also grouped its IT products, digital display, server and corporate business planning and operations entities under the separate ‘core business’ group.

According to Acer, the new structure will “address the diverse development needs of IT hardware products versus cloud services, smart devices and e-businesses, allowing for each group the independence to focus within its ecosystem.”

This announcement follows soon after Acer’s expansion of its BYOC IoT solutions range, first unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February.

During the exhibition, Acer showcased initiatives for connected vehicles, digital signage, VR/AR-enhanced retail, education, brainwave analysis and control, smart homes, and digital health, including monitoring and remote diagnosis.