2020 IoT Overview

The IoT Awards winners have been announced! Register to watch the IoT Awards presentation here.

Watch the awards presentation to learn about Australian use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in pedestrian counting initiatives in Melbourne and Perth during the pandemic, a tracking system for aged care residents in NSW, the ACT and Queensland, data sharing between Victorian councils, a government mixed reality technology deployment and in other projects. The Awards include projects, polices, initiatives, people and products in 13 categories. 

About the IoT Awards

The IoT Awards are the official awards program of IoT Alliance Australia (IoTAA), the peak Australian IoT industry body, and IoT Hub.

The awards recognise that real-time data is increasingly important to Australian industry, government and citizens. It’s assisting our response to crises and enabling industry to compete internationally. 

Nominations for the 2020 IoT Awards have closed - see the list of finalists below.

The list provides a fascinating snapshot of how use of the Internet of Things (IoT) is advancing in Australia.

Finalists include data sharing initiatives by local governments, projects using IoT to monitor people movement during the COVID-19 pandemic, a Wi-Fi rollout encompassing hundreds of NSW Health sites, and an experimental university program designed with the aim of changing education in the field of cyber-physical systems.  

They also includes the largest HoloLens 2 ‘mixed reality’ technology deployment in the Asia Pacific region, an IoT platform that underpins important CSIRO research initiatives and is now being released commercially, and a smart energy data sharing initiative.

We received well over 100 nominations from a diverse range of organisations, including CSIRO’s Data61, City of Melbourne, NSW Government, nbn, City of Perth, City of Hobart, Fleet Space, NNNCo, Yarra Valley Water and University of Technology Sydney.

The 2020 IoT Awards finalists

Smart Cities: Sponsored by The Urban Institute

  • Geelong Data Exchange
  • Northern Melbourne Smart Cities Network (nominated by Banyule City Council)
  • Perth provides real time sensors to support community COVID-19 response
  • Understanding the impact of COVID-19 Stage 3 and Stage 4 restrictions on pedestrian activity in real time (nominated by City of Melbourne)

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Food & Agribusiness: Sponsored by KPMG

  • eShepherd virtual herding system
  • GoRain

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Water: Sponsored by Bosch

  • Is your park as cool as mine? (nominated by Fleet Space)
  • Water Source (nominated by Smart Systems)
  • Yarra Valley Water Digital Water Meter

Energy: Sponsored by IoT Skills Australia 

  • Distribution transformer health monitoring project (nominated by CitiPower/Powercor)
  • Smart city lighting and energy infrastructure real-time information hub (nominated by City of Hobart)
  • VPPx Project (nominated by Simply Energy)


  • Boating Vic
  • Fleet Detective
  • IoT Gate Reader by Picobyte

Health: Sponsored by Optus

  • Iottag
  • Nexon Coris
  • NSW Health state-wide wireless network

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Social Good: Sponsored by Blue IoT

  • 3Ai experimental Masters program
  • Bees with Backpacks Program
  • COVID-19 Pedestrian Index

Manufacturing: Sponsored by Reekoh

  • FRAGTrack™
  • Industry 4.0 Testlabs program
  • Use of mixed reality technology by an Australian government department 

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Intelligent Data Infrastructure:

  • Digital City Platform (City of Gold Coast)
  • NSW Government Internet of Things Policy
  • Senaps
  • Smart energy data sharing initiative (nominated by nbn)

Product: Sponsored by Lenovo

  • FRAGTrack™
  • HomeGuardian.ai
  • SiteHive Hexanode
  • Workforce Guidance Platform (nominated by Daelibs)

Women in IoT: Sponsored by University of Wollongong

  • Alicia Garden
  • Tessa Ritchard 
  • Claire Chaikin-Bryan

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IoT Champion:

  • Geof Heydon
  • Joseph Ontedhu
  • Rob Chandler