AGL has created a new ‘Action’ on Google Assistant that lets its customers manage their energy services and billing using voice commands.

The company launched the Action at the end of last week in a video published on Youtube as well as several LinkedIn posts.

It can be used on a Google Home smart home device or via the Google Assistant app for either iOS or Android phones.

“The Google Assistant can help you manage your energy account with simple voice commands so you don’t have to log into your account or wait on the phone,” the company said in its video.

“We’re continually adding new features and enhancing the service to help you manage your energy better.”

Users must link their AGL account to a page within the Assistant app.

The Action can be used to check account balances, stay on top of bills and to track usage in cases where the home is connected via a smart meter.

AGL noted, however, that the Action may not yet be able to answer every question that a customer might have about their account.

“Google Assistant may not be able to answer your questions because the question you are asking is currently not part of the AGL Action,” the company said.

“AGL will review customer feedback and requests for additional voice features and update the AGL Action with new features.”