Travel booking software maker Amadeus is set to work with Sigfox to explore use cases for IoT in the travel industry.

“IoT is a huge market which has far reaching implications for a number of industries, especially travel,” Amadeus said in a blog post.

“We hope that by exploring this technology, we can address our customers’ pain points and discover new business opportunities.”

Amadeus was light on detail with regards to exactly where it saw opportunities for IoT.

However, it did call out the potential of using Sigfox’s Bubbles, which the IoT company launched last week at its Connect conference in Berlin.

Bubbles are essentially tiny beacons that Sigfox said could be quickly and affordably dropped into any place to enable location-based services.

“Bubbles will help deliver a brand-new experience for location services by offering high autonomy at an affordable price,” Amadeus said.

Also announced at the conference was Sigfox’s ambition to offer connectivity services globally through satellite connectivity, even in the most remote areas by 2020.