Arduino has acknowledged the role that its hardware and software offerings have in the Internet of Things with the announcement of the “Arduino IoT Manifesto”.

Publicised on a newly launched Arduino IoT website, the manifesto is said to be “an important statement that will guide the development of our IoT products and tools in the coming years, and that we hope will be adopted by a larger network of people and industries.”

Three tenets form the basis of the manifesto:

  • Open – “Arduino believes that by building new connected products with open source software, hardware and communication protocols we can enable a more innovative environment for makers, entrepreneurs and corporations.”
  • Sustainable – “Arduino believes designing a connected product should be done using design for disassembly, Cradle to Cradle, Open Design or any other methodology to make sure the product can be easily given a new life, upgraded or moved over to other cloud service providers.”
  • Fair – “Arduino believes you should have control of your own cloud service and control who accesses your data always.”

Alongside the manifesto announcement came the beta release of Arduino Cloud, a new IoT platform that uses an MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) broker to securely send messages between Arduino boards.