Chipmaker Arm struck a deal with rival Intel that means Arm’s Pelion IoT platform can manage devices that use chips from either company.

Arm’s IoT services group president Dipesh Patel said the company is “collaborating with Intel to remove IoT scaling barriers.”

“Through the collaboration, our Pelion IoT Platform can onboard and manage Intel Architecture (x86) platforms, in addition to Arm-based IoT devices and gateways,” Patel said.

“The combination of our Pelion device management with the Intel secure device onboard (SDO) service allows organisations to manufacture devices without any prior knowledge of end customer-specific onboarding credentials or even which application framework the end user will choose.

“This enables a more flexible cloud provisioning model and seeds a compatible base of Arm and Intel devices ready for management by the Arm Pelion IoT Platform, with onboarding into any application cloud.

“This will shift the industry from siloed supply chains to a harmonised framework for the design and sourcing of secure, connectable devices.

“We believe this collaboration is a big step forward for greater customer choice, fewer device SKUs, higher volume and velocity through IoT supply chains and lower deployment cost.”