Asrock may be better known for its motherboard business than as a big mover when it comes to networking products, but its new G10 router is grabbing attention.

Ostensibly aimed at gamers, the G10 router also promises to be ready for the Internet of Things.

Inside the aggressively styled shell there's an array of infrared transmitters and receivers.

These are designed to learn the codes of any nearby remotely controlled device - televisions, air-conditioners, consoles, and more. 

This functionality combines with the Asrock Router APP, which then lets users control those devices, and even stream content between them - all managed by the router.

On the basic networking front the G10 lets users prioritise content types, manage traffic to improve lag in gaming situations, and also offers beam-forming and multi-user MIMO to boast wireless speeds of up to 1733Mbps.

The G10 should be in stores shortly, and you can learn more about it here.