Tickets are now available for the "IoT state of the nation" by Australia’s peak Internet of Things (IoT) industry body, IoT Alliance Australia.

Hosted in Sydney by KPMG at 4pm on Wednesday 16 June, the event will be an opportunity to get up to speed on IoT use in Australian cities and in its food and agribusiness, water, energy, transport and manufacturing sectors. 

NSW Minister for Digital and Customer Service Victor Dominello will be the keynote speaker. Attendees will also hear from IoTAA board members and workstream chairs, who have visibility of key IoT issues in Australian industry and government.

The event organisers also promise attendees will learn how government and industry are partnering to accelerate Australia’s digital economy.

Guests will have plenty to discuss - the pandemic triggered a number of IoT projects, including people-counting projects involving local government in Perth, Melbourne and other locations. It also led to increased marketing of workplace monitoring technology and highlighted challenges in the collection and sharing of real time data.

“At the other end [of the COVID-19 crisis] I think we’ll all be looking at remote, real-time management of data to make decisions," said IoTAA CEO Frank Zeichner last year. "For our competitive national position we’re going to need to take that up quickly."

In March 2021, IoTAA and Water Services Association of Australia published a digital reference framework designed to simplify communication about digital systems in the Australian water sector.

In February 2021, IoTAA also published “plain language” guides to security, safety and privacy for Internet of Things (IoT) users and technology providers.

And in 2020, the industry body worked with La Trobe University to launch the IoT Australia Skills Barometer survey, which aims to inform educators about important IoT skills gaps and which IoT courses are needed most.

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