The Australian Government Department of Home Affairs is seeking suppliers of a wide range of video surveillance equipment and services for the nation's 5,500-camera CCTV network.

The Department is looking to establish a new Video Surveillance Equipment and Services Panel comprising a "diverse network” of suppliers. That includes suppliers of project maintenance and support services, software, cameras and network infrastructure.

The new panel will replace an existing one that has existed since late 2014 and which expires on 30 June 2020. The Request for Tender (RTF) regarding the new panel closes at 2pm Canberra time on 3 December 2019.

The Department’s CCTV network covers 112 sites and includes AXIS cameras, Cisco switches and HP servers.

For the new panel, it wants suppliers of “intelligent surveillance technologies”, such as video analytics and high definition cameras.

Its RTF also lists suppliers of video management software (VMS) and video analytics features, such as automatic numberplate recognition, facial recognition, object and directional tracking, "face on the move" and activity detection. The feature list also includes automated workflows, such as email alerts, geofencing, geolocation and analysis of data holdings using artificial intelligence.

The VMS provider should provide “a high degree of reliability for live surveillance displaying real time images.” And the VMS platform should be suitable to be a single platform across all the Department’s CCTV sites.

The Department also wants suppliers of workstations and peripherals, including video display equipment, camera control systems, data networking and switching equipment and microwave and wireless products and accessories.

And it is seeking business consultants and technical advisors that can help it “define, measure, and improve CCTV services and capability”. That includes suppliers that can analyse future CCTV capability needs, design solutions and implement management solutions, including for cybersecurity.