The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) introduced a new architecture and supporting toolkit to enable developers to create internet gateways for Bluetooth products.

Using RESTful APIs, a Bluetooth internet gateway facilitates connections between Bluetooth-enabled devices and the cloud, negating the need for an intermediary connection to be established, such as to a smartphone or tablet.

Therefore, proximity to the devices would no longer be a requirement, and remote monitoring of Bluetooth products becomes a possibility.

Smart home developers could be among the first to realise the benefits, as they have sought the means to connect sensors deployed in a home to a central hub.

This announcement marks the first deliverable of the Bluetooth SIG’s technology roadmap announced last year, which aims to enhance Bluetooth’s viability as a core IoT technology.

“We heard the demand for gateway functionality, not just from our members, but from consumers, who want a connected home but are not satisfied with current capabilities,” Bluetooth SIG developer programs director Steve Hegenderfer said.

“The Bluetooth internet gateway architecture provides a standard way for any developer to create this gateway functionality.

“Routers, thermostats, security systems – the always on, always connected infrastructure in the home – can now speak to and control tiny, low power sensors and relay that information to the cloud, providing control from anywhere.”

The Bluetooth Internet Gateway Smart Starter Kit is available for download now at