The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced the availability of its Transport Delivery Service (TDS), which makes it possible for devices to remain ‘visible’ while consuming minimal power.

Using the low energy feature of Bluetooth, TDS enables devices to discover one another, while keeping other power-hungry or high-bandwidth technologies dormant until required.

According to Bluetooth SIG, this will lead to better battery life and a consistent experience for users, regardless of the wireless technology their devices use.

Using this technology, standards groups will be able to define TDS profiles for their technologies to facilitate discovery and connection, and the service itself can be customised and optimised as required.

“TDS will be an important catalyst in the growth of the Internet of Things,” Bluetooth SIG’s executive director Mark Powell said.

“Bluetooth is the most widely used wireless technology for the Internet of Things and TDS will be the common language products use to discover each other and connect."