Industry heavyweights GE and Bosch are working together to further the growth of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

GE Digital and Bosch Software Innovations have signed a memorandum of understanding focusing on technology interoperability and platform integration through GE’s Predix operating systems and Bosch’s IoT Suite.

Both companies will create software that is interoperable with each other’s cloud platforms, with the aim of enhancing the overall value of each platform and providing solutions to a wider customer base.

GE and Bosch are aiming to establish an IoT core based on open source technologies and to foster an ecosystem around this technology base.

Both companies are members of the major open source software community the Eclipse Foundation, and they plan to engage with the large number of IoT developers in the Eclipse community to help create tools and standards that will benefit other organisations, as well as the partnership.

Key Eclipse projects focused on device connectivity include Eclipse Hono, Ecliplse Vorto, Eclipse Leshan, GE-enhanced User Account and Authentication (UAA) and Eclipse ACS (Access Control Service).

Bosch Software Innovation’s CEO Rainer Kallenbach said in a statement: “Our organisations both have a rich history of manufacturing products, big and small, so we share a common understanding and vision regarding the opportunities in connectivity.”

“It is very important for Bosch to engage in business ecosystems and open source communities (and) the collaboration with GE Digital is another important milestone for Bosch’s connectivity strategy.”

Bill Ruh, GE Digital CEO, added: “It’s industrial companies working together that will make a difference in the Industrial Internet of Things.”

“We’re incredible excited to be partnering with Bosch Software Innovations to advance our IoT platform development.

This announcement comes just days after Bosch announced a partnership with SAP to integrate IoT cloud platforms and services.