Cisco has co-created blueprints with industrial partners to bring IoT to manufacturing, utilities, oil & gas and transportation markets.

The architectural blueprints are designed to address challenges such as security, visibility and efficiency.

The partners working with Cisco include industrial robotics firm Fanuc for manufacturing and Schneider Electric for oil & gas.

Several are already undergoing real-world trials.

In oil & gas, Cisco and Schneider Electric are planning an implementation of ‘smart connected pipeline’ technology with ENI, an Italian multinational oil & gas company.

And a mass transit IoT system is being put through its paces on the tram system run by Austrian city Linz. The system promises to lead to a better passenger experience.

Key to all of these initiatives is network security.

As well as launching the architectural blueprints, Cisco also launched their IoT System Security product portfolio. It includes a new dedicated security appliance for IoT-specific use called ISA-3000 and other products aimed at securing data services.

As well as providing router and switch level security, Cisco is also covering physical aspects such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and surveillance management and analytics.