Dell Technologies has set its sights on the surveillance market with a new package of IoT and computer vision technologies unveiled overnight.

The vendor said that while cameras “provide rich information about the physical world”, it could be difficult for humans to monitor the feeds in real-time and recognise threats.

“By enabling computer vision with Dell Technologies IoT solutions, customers can more accurately, efficiently and effectively ‘see’ relevant information pertaining to areas such as public safety, customer experience, and product inventory and quality,” the vendor said.

“Surveillance is the first use case to which Dell Technologies has applied computer vision, so customers can more cost-effectively monitor events in the physical world and automate decision making.”

The IoT solution for surveillance will be released later this year.

“The solution is currently available as a reference architecture to align systems and build a framework for computer vision learning and adoption for other use cases,” Dell said.

The solution - and other forthcoming IoT solutions - leverages technology from Dell partners including Intel.

Dell also announced today a series of IoT connected bundles that will be sold exclusively through its channel.

“With these solution bundles, channel partners have a new value proposition to offer their customers, as well as a new potential revenue stream,” the company said.

IoT connected bundles for channel partners will be available in September 2018.