A proposal for a future cities cooperative research centre moved a step closer to being realised last month when it was shortlisted to progress to the next stage of the process.

The future cities CRC is one of six proposed centres that now moves on to stage two, and therefore closer to securing government funding.

If approved, the future cities CRC would have pursue four programs of work, including one on “smart urban systems”.

“This program will identify opportunities for next generation technologies, smart systems, IoT/AI opportunities, integrated energy demand and supply technologies, new materials and smart infrastructure to accelerate the transition to future cities,” according to a prospectus released earlier this year. [pdf]

A separate program of work that would be pursued would link the intelligence from smart urban systems with planning data in order to “develop decision-making tools to enable infrastructure solutions for cities and regions that meet growth demand and the sophistication of markets and technologies.”

If approved, the future cities CRC would start operations from July 2019.