Digital security firm Gemalto has announced the launch of its ‘LinqUs IoT Quality of Service’ (QoS) platform, providing QoS monitoring of smart devices on cellular networks.

The platform promises to provide instant network status and analysis, highlighting any potential issues in real-time.

LinqUs can be deployed on the operator’s premises, or is also available as a fully managed cloud offering by Gemalto.

Data is collected from the connected clients in real-time, and is made available via tailored advanced analytics, customer service and service level agreement measurement dashboards.

These dashboards provide an at-a-glance overview of the connectivity status of an entire fleet of devices, along with reporting and location views.

According to the firm, LinqUs is “ideally suited” to a wide variety of use cases, including automotive, fleet management, smart grids, alarm panels and connected POS (Point Of Sale) applications.

“LinqUs IoT Quality of Service gives [operators] the ideal tool to analyse performance, demonstrate their capabilities and deliver outstanding levels of service to clients,” Gemalto  mobile subscriber services senior vice president David Buhan said.

Gemalto is scheduled to demonstrate its LinqUs IoT Quality of Service platform at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.