US firm Lumo Bodytech, maker of the Lumo Lift posture sensor, has released a wearable sensor, similar to that found in its Lumo Run smart clothing line.

Designed to clip onto the back of the waistband on any pair of shorts, the machine washable device will provide the same data as those found in its smart clothing products.

Using a nine-axis sensor, the wearable can provide data on a number of metrics, including cadence (steps per minute), ground contact time, pelvic position and stride length.

When paired with the companion iPhone app (Android version not available), it can also provide real-time feedback through the user’s headphones to improve running form and minimise the risk of injury.

Like the embedded sensor found in Lumo's smart clothing line, the device will last a month on a single charge.

According to Lumo, changes needed to be made to the sensor’s design and the algorithms used to ensure the clip-on version provided the same, accurate biomechanical data as the sensor used in its integrated product.

The Lumo Run Sensor and Clip version is available for pre-order for US$79.99 on their website.