Organisations often address cybersecurity by bolting-on security, which can have disastrous consequences. They cannot afford to take that approach in the hyper-connected world of Internet of Things (IoT). Which is why organisations are being urged to implement Security by Design.

A special interactive session unpacking Security by Design and why it is critical for protecting your organisation and customers will be held at the IoT Impact conference in Melbourne on June 9.

This is a must-attend session for anyone who works in an organisation that uses or plans to use IoT, is involved in leading or implementing initiatives and projects that involve IoT, or is concerned about minimising business risk from IoT and other digital initiatives.

You will learn what Security by Design means, why it is important, how to determine if a product, solution or service was developed with Security by Design, and relevant regulations and resources you will need to implement it.

The session will be facilitated by IoT Alliance Australia cybersecurity and network resilience workstream chair Matt Tett, who is well known globally across industry and government. Enex TestLab rigorously tests product claims to ensure consumer requirements are met. It is an independent ISO17025 accredited testing laboratory with a 33+ year history, university heritage (RMIT) and ISO certifications. Tett also serves on the Online Safety Consultative Working Group (OSCWG) for the Office of the eSafety Commissioner, the Communications Alliance Cyber Security Reference Panel (CSRP), the CSRP Fraud subgroup, amongst other roles.

Tett will be joined on stage by IoTAA board director Judy Anderson, and Kylie McDevitt, the CEO of specialist security training and consulting provider InfoSect and former Technical Director at the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). 

"Buying a car without airbags"

Tett comments: “A lot of people traditionally have been reactive when it comes to information and cybersecurity and then bolting security on afterwards - it's an add on. It's like buying a car and there’s no airbags. So I've got to go to another vendor to add that airbag or the seatbelt.”

Security by design involves not only assessing the built-in security of products your organisation uses, but your supply chain and the environment you’ll be deploying those products into.

"Supply chain security is a big one that people are hearing a lot about now" - Matt Tett, Managing Director, Enex P/L,  Chair WSe3 - Cyber Security & Network Resilience IoT Alliance Australia

"It’s knowing how secure suppliers are and vendors that are actually not just providing you with products, but also with services. Because if you’re sharing information or sharing data with third parties and suppliers and other infrastructure partners, how do you know that their organisations are secure? Are they employing the same levels or greater security than you are?”

The security by design session will be on of many talks, discussion panels and a workshop on June 9 at IoT Impact - the only event bringing together Australian organisations in government, energy, water, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture and other sectors, to share how they are harnessing the growing wealth of IoT data.

Whether your role is strategic, operational or technical, the event will be an opportunity to step outside your industry bubble and learn how others are navigating this shift to a more connected economy and society.

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