Microsoft announced that it is releasing a 64-bit version of its Windows 10 IoT Core Pro operating system.

In a blog post, Microsoft’s Windows IoT partner group program manager Brett Bentsen said that the 64-bit version “will enable OEM/ODMs (original design manufacturers) to move between Windows 10 IoT Core and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise without the need to maintain a separate firmware image for their devices.”

There was more good news for OEMs and ODMs, with Bentsen also announcing that Microsoft is "making the Board Support Package for the Raspberry Pi open source (except for the UEFI parts) to help OEM/ODMs provide a customised board experience.”

This announcement comes just days after the conclusion of Microsoft’s Build 2016 expo in San Francisco, in which the company announced expanded functionality for its Azure IoT platform and a number of developer boards for IoT applications.