NBN Co has announced it will offer a business nbn satellite service aimed at Internet of Things (IoT) users.

The IoT-focussed service can support non-addressable locations, unlike the fixed wireless or Sky Muster nbn satellite services.

The ‘business grade’ wholesale offering will provide up to 2/2 Mbps committed data speeds without a data quota. It will also include a choice of three ‘service assurance’ tiers.

NBN Co also announced a new ‘virtual ISP’ business nbn satellite service, intended for mining, oil and gas companies and other medium-to-large organisations operating in remote locations. It includes up to 13/13 Mbps data speeds, but not committed speeds. It includes a 1,000 GB data quota, with additional data charged in 100 GB increments.

The news follows NBN Co’s announcement in September that it was allowing nbn retail service providers to sell certain nbn services to operators of traffic signals and cameras, automatic teller machines and other systems located in approved ‘non-premises’ places, via its Network Extensions option. Those connections are initially only available via nbn Fibre to the Node.