The Federal Government has revealed its National Blockchain Roadmap and given business a strong signal about industries it thinks are well-suited to the technology.

The Roadmap is no cheerleader for blockchain, pointing out that it is “best suited for use cases requiring at least three of the following: data redundancy; information transparency; data immutability; and a consensus mechanism.”

“If only one or two are required then blockchain may work, but there are likely simpler or cheaper ways to solve the problem,” it advises.

But the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources has found three areas it considers worthy of analysis, so that business and government can understand how Blockchain might best be applied.

Those three areas are:

  • The agriculture sector, with a focus on supply chains and wine exports;
  • The education sector, with a focus on trusted credentials and facilitating trusted information about an individual’s skills and capabilities
  • The financial sector, with a focus on identify checks, specifically ‘Know Your Customer’ checks.

The report also notes that 93 percent of known blockchain users are small-to-medium sized organisations with 1 to 200 employees.

Our sister site CRN believes the report offers the channel strong signals about how to get involved with Blockchain, and the skills channel and experience that will help channel players to turn the technology into work.

The Asia-Pacific services market for Blockchain is already reaching $US500m a year.