Dicker Data has signed a distribution agreement with Australian IoT network carrier National Narrowband Network Co (NNNCo).

The deal will grant NNNCo with Australia-wide distribution through Dicker's 5,000 resellers. NNNCo's offerings include globally certified devices and its N2N-DL Data platform. 

NNNCo offers IoT solutions in cities, logistics, agriculture, infrastructure, energy and water, which include sensor devices, irrigation and rainfall gauges, streetlight control, power load monitors, asset tracking and more.

The company is an exponent of and uses the LoRaWAN standard, a digital wireless data communication technology for IoT devices.

Dicker Data chief executive David Dicker said: "I’m pleased to be announcing our new partnership with IoT solution provider, NNNCo. Through their packaged, ready-to-deploy solutions, our reseller partners will be enabled to deliver insights that can create tangible business impact to a wide variety of their end users across multiple market segments with minimal implementation overheads.” 

NNNCo said its N2N-DL Data Platform was a key part of its strategy to accelerate market adoption in Australia.

“The N2N-DL Data Platform removes the complexity of building and deploying Enterprise IoT applications at scale, and in doing so enables the entire IoT ecosystem. It connects the dots between all the parts from network providers, solution providers, platform providers, systems integrators and resellers right through to end users," NNNCo head of sales Kat Hunter said.

"We’re working closely with Dicker Data resellers who have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by enterprise customers in different verticals. 

"Our focus is on providing practical tools and products that solve real-world problems for enterprise.”

Dicker launched its IoT community program in August 2017 as a way to help its partners capture the IoT opportunity and demystify IoT solutions.