NNNCo has signed a contract to supply a LoRaWAN network connecting 70,000 street lights in a 200 square kilometre area in Montevideo, Uruguay.

The 10-year contract will see NNNCo partner with European IoT technology provider Wellness TechGroup to roll out smart lighting for the City of Montevideo. This will be “one of LoRaWAN’s largest smart street lighting projects in the world,” according to a media release provided by NNNCo.

The project will be designed to reduce carbon emissions by 80 per cent or 31,500 tonnes of CO2 per year. Other intended benefits include improvements in community and road safety and city efficiency and operations.

The contract includes the opportunity for Wellness TechGroup and NNNCo to bring third party customers across the same gateways into the LoRaWAN network. NNNCo’s N2N-DL data aggregation layer and the NNNCo N-Tick device interoperability programme will enable NNNCo to service customers across the city.

LoRaWAN technology was chosen “to ensure a low total cost of ownership” and for “advanced technical attributes, high security, flexible network deployment models, optimisation of battery life and the ability to access a fast-growing ecosystem of other solutions,” according to the media release.

The city’s streetlights will be replaced with LED lights, with Wellness TechGroup providing Actis Plus Nema 7 nodes for remote control of light points, Nema 7 fast connections, network analyser, data input from external sensors and adaptive lighting capacity.

The Actis Plus Nema 7 nodes will connect with WeLight Manager software, which will provide real-time information about the lighting service.

“This is a milestone contract in the establishment of NNNCo’s LoRaWAN network as one of the world’s leading networks for smart streetlight use cases and we hope to facilitate similar projects in Australia and in other countries in the near future,” said Rob Zagarella, NNNCo CEO and Co-Founder.

Zagarella described the project as a “great example of Australian technology driving global Sustainable Development Goals”.

In 2019, NNNCo and Wellness TechGroup announced they were bringing integrated smart city solutions to the global market. The two companies are investees of global consulting and technology company Enzen Group.