Nokia announced the NetGuard Security Management Center, a consolidated software platform that allows operators to monitor and control all multi-vendor security systems deployed their telecommunications networks.

Because network components often only possess security measures for themselves, Nokia has taken a holistic approach and provided a system by which configuration of security policies, bulk firmware upgrades and verification of vendor-specific security hardening settings can all be automated and managed from a single interface.

The NetGuard Security Management Center promises to integrate with all available network security systems, providing status updates and managing incidents, vulnerabilities, and controlling access.

Together with its own internal malware database from F-Secure, the software is able to proactively detect security weaknesses, apply analytics, and trigger automatic corrective action or guide operators through a recommended manual response.

It is also able to manage the security of components across the whole network, and to correlate events that occur from typically isolated layers such as wifi, transport, core and sensor sources to detect and mitigate a wider range of threats, Nokia said.

Nokia is hopeful that its solution will increase operational efficiency and lower the total cost of security for operators.

“Networks are becoming more heterogeneous and open, leaving them increasingly prone to cyberattacks,” said Nokia’s head of Security, Giuseppe Targia in a statement.

“Any subsequent degradation of network performance, whether a partial or complete outage, is one of the biggest threats to operators.

“Our NetGuard Security Management Center gives operators confidence that their whole networks are safe, not just some individually protected parts.”