The peak industry body for Queensland sugarcane growers, CANEGROWERS, is trialling a new blockchain platform developed by KPMG.

CANEGROWERS is working with KPMG to scope the application of blockchain as a way to “demonstrate the sustainability credentials’ of sugar produced in Queensland", according to KPMG. The body is also looking at blockchain as a way to ‘ultimately drive a return to growers in recognition of their environmental sustainability practices".

The cane growers’ body is trialling the new blockchain-based KPMG Origins "track and trace" platform. The platform combines blockchain, Internet of Things sensors and data and analytics tools.

KPMG has piloted KPMG Origins implementations with clients in China, Australia and Japan.

In China, KPMG is engaging “major producers” of premium beverages as well as pharmaceutical devices and medicine.

“Combining IoT data with AI vison and the ability to store the results on an auditable, tamper-proof, single source of truth is a very strong value proposition for those industry leaders,” stated Adam Stuckert, Partner, blockchain lead for KPMG China.