The Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched an official mouse and keyboard for its popular single-board computers.

The keyboard is a 78-key affair and also includes a three-port USB hub with USB type A connections. A micro-USB port connects the keyboard to a Raspberry Pi. The keyboard’s been made for English, French, German, Italian and Spanish users and the Foundation promises more models will follow.

The Foundation suggests that you use the keyboard’s hub to connect its new mouse, a two-button, clickable-wheel affair.

Both devices offer an array of color schemes. 

Accompanying the launch post for the products are warnings not to try powering a Raspberry Pi through the keyboard. Instead, you’ll need to set things up per the diagram below.

How to hook up the rPi mouse, keyboard and computer

The devices are available online, although Australian resellers don’t yet have stock. For now they’ll therefore cost £22 (AUD$40.35), plus postage.