The Raspberry Pi foundation has announced a new computer – the Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+.

The new machine uses the A+ board form factor, which is almost square and a little smaller than the “classic” Pi size and shape.

A Broadcom 64bit Cortex-A53 at 1.4 Ghz does the heavy lifting, as is the case in the Model B+.

But the A+ isn’t $10 cheaper for no reason – there’s only one USB port, no Ethernet port and just 512MB of RAM, half the amount on the B+.

The Pi’s GPIO header has been included, as have a camera and touchscreen port.

The new model's aimed at applications in which size matters, but a decent set of I/O options are still necessary along with some computing grunt. With the 3 A+ retaining the same swift silicon found in the B+, and the Pi having become a popular choice for IoT projects, the new model should be welcome in some tight spots.

The 3 A+ is the last of what the foundation calls the “classic” Pi. Future models will receive new core silicon, on a new process node, with new memory technology. “So 3A+ is about closing things out in style, answering one of our most frequent customer requests, and clearing the decks so we can start to think seriously about what comes next,” wrote Raspberry Pi Trading CEO Eben Upton.

Australian resellers already offer the device for around $38, about $16 lower than the Model B+.