Recall, a global provider of digital and physical information management services, will bring wearable RFID scanners to its Australian and New Zealand facilities later this year.

The company announced the introduction of the wearable RFID scanners at its Information Centre in Atlanta, Georgia, this week.

The wearables have been supplied by Technology Solutions and will be worn by Information Centre personnel to provide enhanced efficiency for auditing and chain-of-custody processes.

As employees move through the facility, a belt-mounted scanner automatically audits tagged assets, which include document storage cartons, individual files and backup tapes.

Recent technical trials of this system have reduced the required time for full site audits from up to four weeks to a few days.

Ron McMurtrie, senior vice president and global chief marketing officer of Recall, said that the company’s pioneering work in RFID integration and its focus on continuous improvement and innovation in the technology led to the adoption of this new system.

McMurtrie told IoT Hub that the rollout will continue in Recall's high-volume Information Centres in the US, and that "Information Centres in A/NZ should start to have the technology in market within the next six to nine months".