SAS has unveiled its ‘Analytics for IoT’ software package, designed to analyse the massive amounts of data generated by IoT devices.

Announced at the company’s global forum in Las Vegas, Analytics for IoT is underpinned by SAS’ event stream processing engine, and is capable of handling millions of data inputs per second, with millisecond-level latency.

Intelligent filtering will also enable companies to identify the data to store, thereby reducing any desire to keep all collected data “just in case”.

According to SAS, Analytics for IoT is capable of analysing IoT data streams “where it lives” – whether it be the edge devices themselves, data centres, or the cloud. The platform is also capable of running big data analytics on data at rest.

The software platform allows for ad-hoc and persistent data analysis, and also include alerting and reporting mechanisms, to make the most of the influx of data.

SAS hopes that its expertise in analysing large amounts of data translates to the realm of connected sensors and devices, where it said customers are “struggling to see value from IoT.”