Schneider Electric has created a new version of its EcoStruxure Building platform which is designed to make it easier to incorporate IoT devices.

The platform is designed to make it simpler to commission and change around connected IoT devices.

It also “provides for edge control and collaboration between building systems and third-party systems and devices” and offers “advanced analysis and condition-based real-time decision-making” capabilities, the vendor said.

Schneider said that the platform could reduce complaints from building occupants as well as cut down on instances of unscheduled building maintenance.

"We are very excited about the launch of the next generation of EcoStruxure Building because it offers so many advances for both customers and partners to re-invent buildings," Schneider Electric Buildings Americas senior vice president Jim Sandelin said in a statement.

"It helps to extract and enhance efficiency, not only energy efficiency but integration, operational and engineering efficiency.

“It enhances comfort and productivity of building occupants, which is key to hiring and retaining talent.

“Finally, it helps building owners and developers to increase the value of their real estate for the long term."