A new code for the creation of smart communities in Australia and New Zealand was launched this week, with two developments signing up to embrace the principles.

The new standard code of practice was created by the Smart Cities Council, Green Building Council of Australia, Place Design Group, Lendlease and a slew of other contributors.

Adam Beck, executive director for the Smart Cities Council in A/NZ, said the code involved “deep engagement with the development industry, technology companies, city shapers and all tiers of government”.

“This is the first time a smart community has been defined in a way that can be practically applied,” Beck said.

Chris Isles, executive director for planning at the Place Design Group, said the code would act as “a single source for planners, developers, communities and governments as they shape our future cities and suburbs will ensure we capitalise on smart city opportunities.”

Two so-called ‘lighthouse projects’ have agreed to embrace the code in the first instance.

Yarrabilba, a Lendlease community in Queensland, is set to be home to more than 40,000 residents, while the other project - Sydney Olympic Park - covers plans to grow into a 23,000-person community.