Telstra is one of six companies around the world that will work together to speed up development of 5G solutions.

The group is called the 5G Future Forum and it also includes Verizon, Vodafone, América Móvil, KT and Rogers.

Their goals include the development of uniform, interoperable 5G specifications across the Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas. They hope this will help developers to bring 5G solutions to market faster.

New specifications will enable network providers to offer services that “work consistently across the globe and support devices moving between countries,” said Vinod Kumar, CEO of Vodafone Business.

Forum members will also develop public and private marketplaces to ”enhance developer and customer access to 5G”, according to a joint member statement. They will also share “global best practices in technology deployment”.

The result will be a “common platform to enable a global ecosystem of applications to exploit 5G at its full potential”, according to Daniel Hajj, CEO of América Móvil.