Telstra is set to build a new platform called ‘smart spaces’ that is set to be used to improve the way everything from workspaces to cities and communities are designed.

The telco is currently looking for someone to lead the development of the platform, which it says will “intersect workplaces, buildings, cities and communities.”

Development work will focus “on the four separate personas that interact with building workplaces; users, tenants, facility managers and owners …, how each persona interacts with the workspace and the drive to improve the productivity of an agile workforce whilst optimising building space.”

“Beyond workplaces and buildings, the role will extend in to cities and communities,” Telstra said.

“These cities and communities will be the intersection of IoT sensors and platforms (eg. buildings, homes, public infrastructure and vehicles), unlocking productivity gains and re-imagining new experiences.

“The volume of data will provide rich new insights of commercial value, opening new services that focus on the communities’ well-being.”

Telstra said it hoped to use IoT, analytics and AI/machine learning to digitally transform “commercial, residential and community spaces into smart spaces.”  

The platform will be sold through Telstra’s Global IoT Marketplace.