Telstra has unveiled its next major push into the internet of things space with ‘Locator’, an asset location and tracking service that consists of tags that communicate with an app.

The telco is branding this technology ‘Location of Things’ and will launch flavours suitable for consumers, small business and enterprise.

The consumer and small business versions will be first to arrive “later this year”, and will be sold as a subscription service to postpaid mobile users only.

For consumers, they will be able to attach “Locator tags” to their valuables - keys, pets, bikes, bags, the TV remote and so on - and then instantly find those things if they go missing using a mobile app.

Businesses get similar capabilities but can obviously track more expensive and important assets.

Telstra said it will use three types of tags.

“These include a lightweight and long-lasting Bluetooth tag for keys and purses and a rechargeable wi-fi tag ideal for pets, bikes and bags,” the telco said.

“Early next year Telstra will introduce a premium LTE tag to the Telstra Locator service, designed for high-value assets such as vehicles and machinery.”

The tags communicate via a combination of Telstra networks.

Telstra suggested that small businesses like photographers or tradespeople could find the solution valuable.

“Photographers will be able to attach Telstra Locator tags to their hard cases and cameras, while tradespeople will be able to use the service to help locate their tools and transport equipment on busy constructions sites,” it said.

For enterprise customers, a Track and Monitor solution will be available from October.
This will provide “low-cost, large-volume asset tracking, whether across multiple warehouses or retail sites - or while in transit”, Telstra said.