Google’s Thread Group and the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) announced that they will work together in their mission to advance the adoption of connected home products.

Both alliances share multiple member companies within their ranks who will benefit from this liaison agreement. Their aim will be to improve application and device interoperability.

In particular, the organisations will work together to ensure that the OCF’s application layer is fully compatible with Thread’s low-power IPv6-based wireless mesh network layer. A key priority will be highly scalable, low-power technologies for smart home applications.

According to the two groups, they are both committed to providing consumers with a continuous and seamless product experience, and a fully-functioning connected home framework that is easy to use.

Thread Group’s president Grant Erickson said in a statement: “Thread Group members identified and prioritised OCF as a strategically important application layer to run over the Thread wireless mesh network.”

“This agreement takes us one step closer to our common goal of ensuring that consumers will have smart home devices that seamlessly work together out of the box, regardless of their brand or function.”

OCF executive director Mike Richmond added: “With Thread, we are able to provide our members with a joint solution that enables companies to more easily develop solutions for the connected home.”