Event engagement platform provider Loopd has released the second generation of its wearable wireless sensor designed for conference attendees to network, exchange content and track activity.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy, users will be able to share digital business cards, marketing material and other content stored in the cloud with each other with a tap of the circular sensor.

Tapping the sensor will also activate an embedded LED pipe that signifies the successful transfer of information.

The company launched its first-generation wearable sensor at last year’s South By Southwest conference, and it has since been used at conferences held by Cisco, Intel and Box, among others.

According to the company, the initial form factor for its second-generation sensor will be a fob-like attachment for conference lanyards.

Future releases will include a badge with a back clip and an intelligent insert for a wristband. Each form factor will possess touch, Bluetooth LE and LED functionality.

Loopd’s CEO and co-founder Brian Friedman said in a statement: “With the release of our next-generation wearable sensor, Loopd offers the best way to advance the attendee experience.”

“Equally as important, conference organisers will see attendee networking rise dramatically because of its simplicity, utility and beauty.”