ISS has signed a deal with IBM to use cognitive computing to help in the management of more than 25,000 buildings around the world.

The global facilities management company will use IBM’s Watson IoT platform and TRIRIGA – the tech giant’s advanced facilities management software – to bring intelligence to its building services.

ISS will integrate and analyse data from millions of devices and sensors embedded into building assets such as doors, windows, chairs, meeting rooms, dispensers and air conditioning systems.

Data collected will then be fed into the Watson IoT cloud platform where cognitive algorithms will learn from the data and help to optimise ISS’s operations, as well as provide a deeper understanding of building use, with the aim of generating new innovation opportunities.

ISS has already started using Watson technology in its own headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The company has deployed hundreds of sensors throughout the building to understand more about how their employees use the building and to transform key functions such as room bookings and catering.

This latest agreement adds to IBM's portfolio of facilities management customers. Earlier in the year, the tech giant signed a multi-year agreement with KONE to manage its global fleet of elevators, escalators, automatic doors and turnstiles.

“With a dashboard overview of key building metrics displayed on mobile devices, facility managers will benefit from an integrated, real-time view of the services and supplies within their buildings, enabling them to adopt a more pro-active, flexible and responsive approach to building management and customised service delivery,” said ISS CEO Jeff Gravenhorst.

Harriet Green, general manager of IBM Watson IoT, added: “The key thing is to find out how people will work in the future. By analysing data from sensors we are helping ISS to uncover new insight that will help to ensure buildings are the kinds of places where people want to be, not just need to be.”