WestRock and T+ink will be introducing smart shelves and smart pegs to the retail industry during the US National Retail Federation’s ‘BIG Show’ this week in New York.

Using Intel’s Quark processors for IoT, the smart fixtures are equipped with printed electronic sensors that can report on stock levels in real-time and help measure sales velocity, identify low and out-of-stock items, and reduce theft.

In addition, electronic shelf labels will also be incorporated, making it possible for merchandisers to dynamically price products based on inventory levels, sales figures and in-store promotions.

“We are now able to offer our customers a display solution that incorporates low-cost technology for inventory tracking, making it possible to better serve consumers shopping for products from cleaning supplies to beverages and snacks,” said WestRock’s EVP of merchandising displays and folding carton, Craig Gunckel in a statement.

“The benefits are significant, including inventory optimisation, inventory loss prevention, and the capture of valuable information about consumer behaviour,” added T+ink’s COO Wayne Nemeth.

Limited trials of the system will be available in Q2 of this year, with general availability anticipated in late 2016.