A new Microsoft webinar sheds light on one of the ways Ingram Micro – the world’s largest technology distributor – is looking to help organisations benefit from IoT.

The webinar outlines Ingram Micro’s decision to distribute turnkey IoT solutions from Perth company COREIoT. The partnership significantly expands the Perth company’s reach by making its solutions available to Ingram Micro’s extensive partner network.

The two companies aim to make IoT more accessible and simpler for their partners and customers. “Internet of Things (IoT) technology is going to play a crucial role in an organisation's digitisation strategy,” says Brett Armstrong, Ingram Micro’s Director of Advanced Solutions.

“The complexity and fragmentation of IoT have been the barrier to entry for most organisations. Our partnership with COREIoT helps to overcome the complexity and fragmentation of IoT technology while leveraging the scale and reliability of Microsoft Azure.”

Ingram Micro will offer its partners three COREIoT solutions, for asset tracking, workforce management and remote condition monitoring. The distributor sees these as “critical” aspects of asset-intensive businesses.

Each solution includes COREIoT sensors and a Wi-Fi/4G gateway, which connects to COREIoT’s Azure-based analytics portal. Features include asset and workforce monitoring via the web or a mobile app, anomaly detection, dashboard and workflow customisation, report generation, device monitoring, and the ability to make service requests. Enterprise customers can take advantage of Azure capabilities, such as Event Hub, IoT Hub, and AI.

Ingram Micro is also working with COREIoT to provide additional “plug and play” solutions.

Supporting IoT sellers

The webinar spotlights the messaging that Ingram Micro is using as it looks to drive IoT uptake. Watch the webinar to hear it verbatim, but a key theme is simplifying IoT to help customers get up and running faster.

During the webinar, you’ll also hear the hosts talk about helping technology sellers understand the value of IoT and how these solutions solve business problems.

You may also find the webinar interesting if you’re looking to grow a local IoT business. That’s because the COREIoT partnership is the kind that you might need to consider.

The webinar is a reminder of the potential benefits of vendor partnerships. Not only is Azure a critical component of COREIoT’s solutions, but Microsoft facilitated COREIoT’s introduction to Ingram Micro and supported their partnership. COREIoT attended last year’s Microsoft IoT in Action event in Sydney, where Microsoft took an interest in its products. Microsoft then introduced COREIoT to some of its partners, which led to the Ingram Micro partnership.

We’ve written previously about Microsoft’s approach to building an IoT partner ecosystem and what that means for IoT users and sellers. It’s something many new IoT businesses might benefit from considering as they seek to improve their reach and value proposition.

Watch the Microsoft IoT in Action webinar featuring Ingram Micro and COREIoT here.

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