4 June 2020

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre


We’re excited to announce that the IoT Festival will once again take place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre next year on 4 June 2020.

We know that’s a long time away, but we’re announcing the date early so people who like to plan can mark the date for their organisation.

If you want to be really organised, you can also buy a ticket at the special pre-order rate – and decide later who from your organisation will attend.

We’re also announcing that the 2021 IoT Festival will take place on 3 June in Melbourne.

The IoT Festival is the place to mix with buyers and sellers of IoT. The last event drew more than 500 IoT buyers and sellers, who heard from the likes of BMW, Boral, Kennards Hire, Transurban, Melbourne Water, Dell, Microsoft and Telstra, among many others (see the photos and full coverage).

In a single day:

  • BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT organisations can learn about critical IoT issues and hear about real-world IoT case studies
  • TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS can broaden their career perspectives by learning about key industry trends
  • VENDORS and RESELLERS can learn about market opportunities and industry trends, network and grow their contact lists.

Where supply meets demand

The IoT Festival allows suppliers to meet the distributors and implementers they’ll need as partners to make IoT projects a reality. And it gives the channel an opportunity to forge relationships and spark new IoT-centric practices in their businesses.

Makers and shakers

The Festival offers informative, engaging and educational content for business looking for examples on which to build their own IoT efforts, IT pros looking to improve their knowledge and makers moving into the industry.

Expert curation, broad exposure

Editors from Next Media’s stable of specialist IT publications - IoT Hub, CRN, iTnews and BIT - curate the Festival, bringing keynotes, panels and presentations that focus on real issues, not hype. They also cover the event on the IoT Hub web site.


The Australian IoT Festival provides ample opportunities to make new connections. Attendees have plenty of chances to network, share their stories and grow their contacts, making this Australia’s premier environment to do IoT business.

This includes the opportunity to meet winners of the 2020 IoT Awards, which will be announced at the event.