CSIRO is undertaking research to understand the opportunities and barriers to Internet of Things (IoT) adoption in Australian manufacturing. Central to this is focusing on important manufacturing use-cases for future networks of IoT devices and intelligent systems in production and logistics systems.

CSIRO is actively exploring options for the adaptation and further development of existing IoT technologies, to create a new low barrier-to-entry solution for IoT in Australian manufacturing. Targeting small to medium sized manufacturers, the solution would enable existing manufacturing sites and equipment to be transformed rapidly and inexpensively into digitised smart environments, using IoT devices over a network with built-in data security, privacy and fault tolerance and integrated with further intelligent systems.

Example use case: A tag device network will revolutionise your team’s real-time coordination of workshop floor logistics, by tracking resources, assets, and facility status. The value proposition is the ability to easily and inexpensively roll-out a digital network of self-contained nodes which can return location information and be interfaced with remote sensors, thereby avoiding idle or misplaced resources. This means a reduction in stress and safety risks.

In a large-scale manufacturing site (eg; aerospace or large asset assembly), the network with integrated cameras can track: incoming components, location and status of subassemblies, key process factors such as status and temperature of curing oven, locations of key assets (process or test equipment, etc), monitor equipment or people - an advanced digital tool to assist production supervisors to optimise assembly logistics. This has applications in advanced manufacturing, construction, warehousing and mining, etc.

Why should your plant go with a CSIRO collaboration rather than just opting for off the shelf products?

  • We offer a retrofittable IOT solution that can sense and share what that object is doing and allow deeper level of situational awareness.
  • The solution enables various devices (objects) to talk to each other.
  • It is geared to be scalable and its flexible protocol enables adding lots of different objects (cost-effective solution).
  • Technology agnostic with security and privacy focus.
  • Lower cost as it removes the significant software development costs.
  • Enables bespoke classification of the data to help in decision making.
  • Self-powered and independently-communicating devices requiring no integration with existing electrical or communications infrastructure.
  • No data lock-in/firewalling, all data is available to the business for any purpose at any time.

Contact FDMF@CSIRO.AU for more details. 

CSIRO is a sponsor of the IoT Impact conference in Melbourne on June 9. See the agenda here. Buy your ticket now before they sell out.