Dell has released an edge gateway with embedded analytics capabilities that it believes can act as a “spam filter for IoT” data.

Announced at its Dell World conference overnight, the Edge Gateway 5000 Series is based on the Intel Atom E3800 family processor.

It can be used either by OEM customers to integrate into their own devices, or directly by companies in “the building and factory automation sectors”, Dell said.

Dell hopes to attract customers that want to decentralise data processing and analytics by pushing as much of that function as possible to the edge of the network – as close to the IoT sensors as possible.

The gateway houses “local analytics and other middleware to receive, aggregate, analyse and relay data, then minimises expensive bandwidth by relaying only meaningful data to the cloud or data centre”.

“Organisations are struggling to make the best decisions regarding the data volume and complexity created by the vast numbers of sensors, embedded systems and connected devices now on the network,” Dell’s commercial IoT solutions executive director Andy Rhodes said.

“As more of the data is processed in real time at the edge of the network, the gateway becomes the spam filter for IoT.”