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Industrial PC (IPC) company EverFocus is looking to work with more Australian partners to bring video monitoring and other ‘smart vehicle’ solutions to Australian roads.

Representatives from the Taiwanese-headquartered company will tell Australian organisations about their new products during a ‘smart vehicle solution’ webinar at 1pm-2pm AEST on May 12, 2021.

The session will be aimed at system integrators, software suppliers, value-added resellers and distributors.

A spokesperson said the webinar will cover new EverFocus IPC products designed for AI applications in the smart transportation and smart retail markets. Speakers will also mention how the company’s products have been used in transport settings in different countries.

Attendees will also hear about how EverFocus has worked with an Australian GPS platform service provider.

The company’s products include its AI Smart Surveillance Industrial Computer, a network video recorder (NVR) pitched as a smart surveillance system for remotely monitoring vehicles, preventing freight or equipment theft, and passenger safety in transport fleets.

The system uses Intel Movidius Vision Processing Units (VPUs), which are designed for computer vision and other edge AI workloads. EverFocus also integrates NVIDIA’s Jetson computing boards in AI edge systems. It also sells an AI edge computing module, the KAUAI AI Kit.

An EverFocus spokesperson said they recognised the opportunity for transport organisations to use aftermarket video systems in addition to GPS devices. This might be for driver safety or blind spot monitoring, for example.

In-cabin truck surveillance cameras have reportedly become commonplace in Australia.

While EverFocus has several Australian partners, it is looking for more. It is open to working with AI-based software companies, for example. The company wants to bring together previously separate smart vehicle systems to make it easier for organisations to see data in one place.

The company’s products also include IP and CCTV cameras, fleet management software, and surveillance and access control peripherals. It has offices in Taiwan, Japan and the United States.

In early 2021, the company announced it had joined the Microsoft Azure Certified Device program and some of its products had earned Microsoft Azure IoT Central and PnP Certification.

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