Canadian telematics and fleet management systems provider Fleet Complete – which sells in Australia through Telstra — has launched a cloud-based platform called Connvex.

The new platform can gather anonymised data from, potentially, every Connvex-connected vehicle and others, and provide data analytics services to third parties, according to Fleet Complete.

The company says that, by converging aggregate data and AI-based analytics, Connvex “provides all contributing participants with in-depth learning and unparalleled insight that is critical for the design and development of unique solution offerings.” It says the platform can “help with remote diagnostics and prognostics, safety and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), ride sharing, electric vehicle mobility, digital freight brokerage and video telematics, mobile resource management and ride sharing, among many others.”

The system is being used by leading global vehicle OEMs, suppliers of key vehicle systems and components, cities, navigation service providers and fleets, according to the company.

Fleet Complete’s global chief strategy officer Sandeep Kar told IoT Hub that “a major Australian OEM” would be joining Connvex shortly, as will “one of the world’s largest automakers”.

He said the anonymised data from all Connvex connected vehicles in Australia – some 25,000 – is already fed into Connvex and that as other organisations joined the scheme their telematics data, whether supplied through Fleet Complete or other vendors’ technologies, would be added to its data store. “It really scales up in a massive way.”

Fleet Complete in Australia

Fleet Complete entered the Australian market in 2016 when it acquired Australian company SecureTrak. Michael Seychell, Fleet Complete Australia’s national sales director, told IoT Hub: “They had developed a relationship with Telstra, which is what attracted us to them.

“Our model globally is to work with a single carrier in each market. We are now a gold channel partner of Telstra and most all our new business comes through Telstra.”

Telstra recently acquired telematics company MTData and has recently named haulage company Linfox as a customer.

However, Seychell said Telstra was targeting a very specific market: “Telstra has been very explicit explaining to use that it is a very strategic play in the long distance heavy haulage sector.”

Kar added: “We can do that sector but it is just one of hundreds of market segments. Seventy percent of our business is small to medium companies. They not understand the implication of digital transformation for their business. They need handholding.

“They want to make the investment they don’t know how to extract maximum value from telematics, and that is what we do. Partnering with a carrier like Telstra takes us to that market in a way no other model could.”