Google is inviting university researchers to participate in a program that encourages them to find use cases for its suite of IoT technologies.

The company is seeking proposals that employ innovative user interfaces, provide interoperability between devices and applications, or experiment with new approaches to privacy, safety and security concerns.

Participants can leverage the following technologies in their proposals:

  • Google beacon platform – consisting of the Eddystone open beacon format and various client and cloud APIs
  • Physical Web – based on the Eddystone URL beacon format, allowing smart device interaction with real-world objects without app intervention
  • Nearby Messages API – a publish-subscribe API to pass binary payloads between Android and iOS devices, as well as beacons
  • Brillo & Weave – an Android-based embedded OS and open communications and interoperability platform for IoT devices, respectively
  • OnHub router – a communication hub for smart devices, supporting Bluetooth and wifi technologies
  • Google Cloud Platform IoT Solutions – toolset to scale IoT connections and provide data analytics
  • Chrome Boxes & Kiosk Apps – provides custom full-screen apps for purpose-built Chrome devices in the field
  • Vanadium – an open-source framework designed to create secure, multi-device user experiences

Researchers have until the 29th of February to submit their proposals, which will be reviewed by researchers and product teams within Google.

According to Google, priority will be given to “research that can make immediate use of the available technologies.”

Proposal winners will be notified by the end of March 2016, and will be granted in-kind gifts of the IoT technologies required to develop and build their solutions.