Intel Australia has welcomed this week’s $1.1 billion innovation statement by the Government as a potential catalyst for the advancement of Australia’s IoT industry.

Managing director Kate Burleigh said that while Australia had a long history of success as a resource-exporting economy, it “meant that we overlooked our innovation capacities and potential.”

She welcomed the Government’s renewed focus on innovation, ICT and science, noting its potential to drive an economic and cultural “step change” for Australia.

“Every industry in Australia – from transportation to agriculture, from retail to finance – is being transformed by technological innovation,” Burleigh said.

“Government plays an important role in incentivising Australians to drive, leverage and invent these changes.

“The age of the Internet of Things has arrived – where billions of objects are connected and can communicate with each other via the internet, generating unprecedented levels of data and insight.

“There are exciting new opportunities for countless new business models to be created and for a wave of innovation to be unleashed.”